You Are as Young as the Sun by Kathie Corley/ Cerantha

You Are as Young as the Sun

You are as young as the sun, which has yet to rise on a new day

You are as beautiful as the flower that sleeps within its bud until the

bloom of day

You are the answer to the question that has not been asked

You are God’s promises fulfilled

His dreams come to pass

In one holy creature vastly conceived in pure Light

You are the dream of all tomorrow’s possibilities

You are the cystalline perception of His Holy Grace

You are everything, nothing more than every man’s potential

You are so much more than Earthly eyes perceive

For you are yesterday’s regrets translated into tomorrow’s hopes

You are fine and polished with a luminous glow

A Light that guides you home to the tomorrow of hopes fulfilled

Promises kept—all debts prepaid

You are fully grown in Love’s Light and protection

Grown to full measure of your heavenly height

Grown, matured, and ready to blossom

Into a new day dawning

Where Light shines on everyone the same

Where hope becomes reality, and ceases to be dreamed about

Where higher and higher we rise

To greet each other eye to eye

And see for the first time

Our commonality

Our Oneness

Our salvation

From separation and longing

Our yearning days departed

Our hopelessness left behind

Joy in the morning

Joy will greet the New Day dawning

On Earth returned to paradise

You, you are the seedling of this new territory

You hold the hope of the world in your heart

Planted there long ago by God

To be fertilized

Nourished and unearthed

For all to see

You, growing into the hope of tomorrow

You, rising from within your core

To heights above the common man

To explore the New World dawning

Explore you will

Then travel back

Show the Way to others

Till all arrive

On the shore

Of the New Day’s dawning

The Sun will rise on that new day

The darkness disappearing

The hope

The peace

The love abounding

Ever lasting


—Kathie Corley/ Cerantha

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KATHIE CORLEY/CERANTHA a passionate Native American style flute player and instructor, is a gifted Shaman, Reiki Master, writer, and painter. She expresses her varied spiritually endowed interests in her writings, music, workshops, and sound energy work.

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