The River by Kathie Corley/Cerantha

The River

There is a peaceful river that flows to us from each other

We are, the two of us, united in its flow

It awakens us to our heart’s desires, and liberty

As we stand here, hands held, looking deeply into each other’s eyes,

We anoint each other

In this Heavenly water

We rise up from within ourselves

To fly out on to the Earth as who we really are

Spirits born anew

Free to do, and say, what is truly in our hearts

Not burdened any more with fear, doubts, shame

So many lower ego feelings

No, unchained are we in our resolve

To look no more to others for our approval

Or linger in other’s disapproval of us, 

Our motives and our drives

Ungainly have we become

Burdened by our heavy chains

Free now are we to soar,

To move about untethered


To glide freely to the shore of this peaceful river

That runs through us

Unites us, and most especially, sets us free

Free to do great works,

To deliver our God given gifts

To share and care in new ways

Unencumbered by old ideas of what we couldn’t be

So follow me to the shoreline

Jump in, let life flow anew in to you

Nothing will ever be the same,

And that will make all the difference.

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KATHIE CORLEY/CERANTHA a passionate Native American style flute player and instructor, is a gifted Shaman, Reiki Master, writer, and painter. She expresses her varied spiritually endowed interests in her writings, music, workshops, and sound energy work.

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