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Mint Julep Recipe

Mint Juleps by Louise Bevan

Put sprigs of fresh mint (4 to 6 leaves) into a glass. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and just a bit of water to dissolve sugar. Muddle or bruise leaves and fill glass with finely crushed ice. Add another mint leaf or two on top, fill glass with bourbon of your choice and place in refrigerator […]

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A Southern Legacy: The Wisdom of Pearl

A Southern Legacy: Plants to Libations Southerners hand down plants from generation to generation. Take my daddy’s prized camellias he grew in Sumter, South Carolina. Thanks to air layering, a clone of his Debutante camellia now thrives in my son’s yard in San Anselmo, California. Every time I walk by that showy camellia I smile […]

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Mrs. MacLennan's garden

Quatrefoil by Sarah Wilcox

Reflecting upon violence, gardens, hope and iphones, here, in South Carolina … Let’s declare the war is over. Let us allow the forts to crumble into parks, Into museums where we learn about horrors we could not commit, we could not … (more…)

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Charleton Singleton on trumpet

High Note Trumpet Style in the Low Country: The Charleston Jazz Initiative by Catherine Pyke

Charlton Singleton’s musical composition “Delicate” came to him while combing his three-year-old daughter’s hair. “Now she’s twenty and won’t let me anywhere near her hair,” he says. The trumpeter composer of the Quentin Baxter Quintet mesmerized the audience at The Mezz Charleston jazz bar. I’d come with other Bay Area writers of the Southern Sampler […]

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sublime key lime

Southern Cooking Redux by Nancy Alpert

I had imagined a southern supper surrounded by haughty women in fancy hats and white gloves, looking down their Roman noses at me, the outsider in the “colony” of artists. Yet after one or two glasses of wine, a bit of schmoozing with the handsome chef, David Vagasky  learning about Geechie Boy grits and Compost in […]

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Paula Tevis and Mrs. MacLennan

Mrs. MacLennan’s Garden by Paula Tevis

Our group of 13, plus local resource Billy Vandiver, spent the morning in Lucile MacLennan’s storied garden just off Folly Road. Mrs. MacLennan, whom even Billy, despite a friendship spanning 50 years, continues to call “Mrs. MacLennan,” is 92 years old. She’s also a local celebrity admired not merely for the garden she’s cultivated for […]

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beach at Sullivan's Island

Sand Between My Toes by Cindy Rasicot

My early morning mantra in the South is the soft, soothing sound of the waves upon the shore of the beach on Sullivan’s Island at the entrance to Charleston Harbor in South Carolina. The island is three and a third square miles long and home to Fort Moultrie, site of a major battle in the […]

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Savannah Bed & Breakfast

Driving through South Carolina with Murphy by Unity Barry

My first big mistake­ was to trust computers to guide me from Charleston to Savannah. At a distance of 100 miles, it seemed like a sure-fire hour and a half drive so I booked a flight that landed at 5:30 pm. Google gave the drive time of one hour and forty-eight minutes, only a little […]

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Quentin Baxter

Magic at The Mezz by Linda Watanabe McFerrin

Send me to a heaven where the angels look and sound like Quentin Baxter and Charlton Singleton. Well, that’s what Wednesday’s luncheon at The Mezz, the jazz lounge upstairs at Sermets on King Street in Charleston, South Carolina, was … heaven. Our intimate gathering was organized by SSAC Founders Mary Brent Cantarutti and Martha Greenway […]

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