Breaking Day by Mary Brent Cantarutti

Breaking Day

by Mary Brent Cantarutti

The sun slips into the Lowcountry sky—

a pancake stirred in earth’s kitchen,

served up in orange flames,

a divine concoction offered to day.

Which way to turn?

West, I decide.

My shadow, a wispy being set free in the angled light,

stretches tall and flat, pressed into life.

Heel toe, heel toe: I step with purpose.

Promise slithers up my spine,

life’s frame spreads out in waves.

What flows will be.

I pick up a reed.

Drawing in the sand, a heart shape emerges

one stroke at a time.

I draw a line through the center,

one side for light,

one side for dark,

pray for balance in all.

Breathe, the ocean whispers,


Mary Brent Cantarutti


Born, bred and reared to be a fan-carrying lady, Mary Brent Cantarutti headed west in pursuit of romance and adventure. She never lost her drawl. Co-founder of the Southern Sampler Artists Colony and writer of Southern Women’s Fiction, her inner compass points toward cooling Atlantic breezes.

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