Bettie Abio

by Mary Brent Cantarutti

Our SSAC connections are extraordinary—in keeping with belonging, Southern style. For instance, would you believe a Sumter, S.C. friend, Bettie Abio, who moved to Texas years ago, just happened to be in Charleston last April as the SSAC workshop was winding down, and saw our communal rag quilt draped across the sofa?

Inspired, Bettie decided that rag quilting was in her immediate future. A quick study well versed in jewelry making and knitting, she quickly found demonstrations of the Gullah Lady’s rag quilting online, designed her own quilt, found and purchased the materials needed for the project—and one month later unfurled her finished rag quilt!

quilt pic 2

Quilt in Progress


Finished quilt!

Finished quilt!


Here’s to Charleston, Sharon (aka the Gullah Lady), and creative “rags” that bind!


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  1. toni June 19, 2014 at 6:17 pm #

    That’s the spirit!

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