Southern Sampler Artists Colony

How It All Started . . .

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

The Southern Sampler Artists Colony, founded in 2006 by two childhood friends—one who never left the South, and one who headed west but always knew her soul was southern—is a haven for writers, dancers, artists, musicians and photographers who want to stir the creative pot, Southern style. The first two workshops were at The Crossroads in South Carolina, a small community nestled in the sand hills and bordered by Black River Swamp. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth workshops, all for writers, and led by Linda Watanabe McFerrin, were in Charleston, South Carolina.

“Welcome anything that comes to you, but don’t long for anything else.”
Andre Gide

Writers, readers, travelers and friends, this is the first post. I look forward to getting acquainted in weeks to come. My name is Mary Brent Cantarutti and I am blogging about the South. I was born and reared in the Sand Hills of South Carolina where grits, the Bible, and football reign. Bred to be a fan-carrying lady, I headed west in pursuit of romance and adventure, but never lost my drawl and have always declared my soul to be pure Southern. One Italian husband, a Masters degree in Education, two globetrotting sons, and a zany foray into sales later, my compass points toward home: cooling Atlantic breezes, mint juleps sipped on wisteria-draped verandas, and porch talk.

Then there’s the novel I just completed. It’s a story spun around belonging and Bible Belt traditions, set in South Carolina. As co-founder of the Southern Sampler Artists Colony (SSAC) I have also had the pleasure of sampling Charleston and the Lowcountry—a place like no other—with writers, artists, photographers, and musicians from coast-to-coast—and beyond. There are sayings, places, and stories to share. Won’t you join us?

The company is everything!